Do as the coaches tell you. Eat proper food and watch what happens. In six weeks I lost 1 and 1/2 stone, I am much fitter and stronger and can’t wait for the next cycle. A great team spirit*
— Andy
Just about to finish my first block and am loving Strong. Sasha and Gavin are great trainers and everyone there is really friendly and supportive. Definitely be booking up for the next block :)*
— Claudi
A fantastic programme designed by experienced coaches who offer both training and nutritional advice. The programme is tough but is guaranteed to deliver results, it will not only improve your fitness, fat loss and muscle gain but you will get the opportunity to train with a fantastic group of people that are equally supportive.*
— Dee
STRONG has totally transformed my weekends. Come 10am on Saturday I always feel totally invigorated and ready to unwind and enjoy my weekend. The sessions are tough but fun and there is always a great atmosphere. Each week you can push yourself and test your boundaries, Sach and Gav will help push you but are there to support you if you need it. If for any reason I can’t make it on a Saturday, I never feel as good that weekend! All that good feeling for £10 is great value, I have brought a few friends and neighbours long too and they all hooked.*
* Disclaimer - Results are not guaranteed, they are earned! If you don’t eat and drink the right things and fuel your body sufficiently, you won’t get the results you want. A sensible nutrition and diet plan is essential to your wellbeing and will enable you, with this training to get fitter and stronger and achieve your body goals. It’s up to you!